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Why SaaS?


In today's economy companies from large to small are looking for ways to save money and improve their bottom line.

Traditional software licensing has been based on high up-front capital expenses and significant ongoing management and maintenance overhead. SaaS enables customers to consume software as and when they require it - on a utility model - and gives them the ability to grow into the application. Most SaaS models have levels of licencing available allowing companies to choose the functionality that each user in their organization will need.

Core SaaS business applications that are available include:

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • ECM - Enterprise Content / Knowledge Management
  • PM - Project Management
  • EA - Enterprise Accounting
  • CMS - Configuration Management Systems
  • PDM - Product Development Management for manufacturing

SaaS computing is quickly becoming the new way of doing business at many levels and for many reasons. There are now hundreds of software companies that have developed their offerings as SaaS platforms from day one. Some you have heard of and may use every day; Google, ebay, SalesForce.com, and the list goes on. You must still do your homework though, because some companies claim that they are SaaS but are far from it.

SaaS North America is the North American distributor of Asite cSaaS, a proven SaaS platform which makes all of the business applications listed above available within one common platform - securely - and on a pure SaaS licensing model.

If you are new to this technological shift, SaaS North America will take the time to help you fully understand the benefits and show how the ROI of SaaS and cloud computing can improve profitability at a project level and a business level.

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