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Training Certification


SaaS North America Training Certification is designed to to ensure that delegates learn skills promoting training rather than presenting.

This is a five day course culminating in assessment of each delegate presenting their own training session prior to being awarded certification. The focus is on ensuring delegates have a thorough understanding of the breadth of capabilities of the cSaaS platform, access to all relevant training materials and documentation for their own use, and experience delivering training using a variety of skills learned throughout the course.

The course ensurea a minimum standard of delivery that allows delegates to transfer their skills when training others using Asite cSaaS. In addition to the extensive functional detail covered, the following high-level areas are addressed to support SaaS North America certified trainers in delivering the optimal learning experience for their customers.
  • Training not Presenting
  • Delivery Skills
  • Question Techniques
  • Course Preparation & Scripts
  • Practice Exercises
  • Walkthrough of chosen topic
  • Preparing your training session
  • Writing your script
  • Practice session
  • Practical Assessment

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