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We offer a full range of certification programs to get you and your team off and running with Asite cSaaS.

SaaS North America training and certifications are designed to help you help your customers with SaaS. From the nuts and bolts of how to structure a classroom-based training course and deliver distance learning via cSaaS, through the consulting process of working with customers to configure the platform for their business process, and how to work with prospects to demonstrate the value proposition - our courses are based on real-world scenarios and a hands-on approach.

We also offfer detailed courses on how to create your own SaaS applications using Asite AppBuilder, including how to take advantage of the many pre-built systems connectors to connect up all your disparate enterprise and cloud-based systems. This course is designed to show your teams that the power of the cSaaS cloud-based platform is only limited by their imagination.

Within a matter of days we will have your teams productive and pursuing the new revenue opportunities which cSaaS creates for you and your customer base.

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