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  Asite - Get to It.

Asite was founded in 2001 and is based in the City of London, England.

Asite provides collaborative Software as a Service (cSaaS) for Sourcing, Project Management and Procurement - throughout the Supply Chain for each and every member in the supply chain.

Asite's cSaaS platform is fully managed and hosted by Asite - enabling their customers and all of their users around the world to manage and streamline these processes more efficiently and for less. Asite enables clients to source their supply chains, collaborate with them around sophisticated model files and procure from the appropriate suppliers all on-line and on-demand.

Asite are a global trailblazer in collaborative SaaS for supply chains and extended project teams.

SaaS North America are proud to be the official North American distributor of the Asite cSaaS platform.




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